Greetings! I've had the pleasure of partnering with individuals and groups to expose the people, settings and things that paralyze professional progress. Strategy to movefrom place into position is delivered through advising and mentoring, curriculum development, interactive workshops, keynotes and more. Using key learnings from my personal and professional journey I'm able to share how positioning the head, heart and hands will promote living on purpose, in purpose.

 What a joy it is to provide strategy to

individuals and groups moving from place to position.

YOU have a gift the world needs.
It’s time to stop dimming your light.
I believe your diverse perspective is what’s missing from the equation.
I advocate for those ready to expose and build upon their greatness.
Together, we are leaders from a range of different 
cultures, backgrounds and experiences.
I've witnessed the power when two or more come together and
the magnetic pull when great minds unite.
I know learning and development communities equip
influencers to shift atmospheres.
Together, we can come against the fences that halt our successes.
Breathe. Try. Flop. Rise. Risk. Trust. Obey. and

from place to position.